Current patches of VaeSoli roleplay server
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Melua dc76173d35 Add OpenRC init scripts 1 year ago
Config.patch Use Bartz as server ID 2 years ago
FixDelevel.patch Update readme and fix delevel 2 years ago
FreeClanHalls.patch Add first mods 2 years ago
MuteWalkers.patch Mute walkers 2 years ago
OpenRC.patch Add OpenRC init scripts 1 year ago Typo fix 2 years ago
RaidDamagePenalty.patch Add RB damage penalty 2 years ago
Runners.patch Update memory size 2 years ago
XPbyRP.patch Add first mods 2 years ago

Vae Soli, a few patches

Vae Soli “Classic” is now a vanilla L2J server but we do use a few patches:

  • Everyone can open a free clan hall.
  • Fixed delevel setting use.
  • Talking to others players provides EXP.
  • Our own server config.
  • Runners compatible with init system.
  • Damage penalty when level difference between player and RB is too high.
  • Mute the walking characters.